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  equality + democracy = turning a new leaf  

6 March 2017

egalitarian democrat is a political organization that seeks to develop the political imaginary and engage electoral politics in order to critically support egalitarian democracy.  The following issues concern egalitarian democrat:

  1. everyone deserves the same rights and opportunities.

  2. equal rights and opportunities are determined to the extent of democratic participation within a society.

  3. historically, the distribution of rights and opportunities to everyone has not been shared equally and produced inequalities.

  4. the primacy of capital1 over democracy has exploited inequality, particularly regarding class, sex, race and ethnicity.

  5. the participation by a majority in determining the distribution of rights and opportunities is necessary towards reaching greater equality.

  6. a failure in political imagination results in political cynicism.

  7. democratic participation in determining governance requires a politics to reimagine the aesthetics of participation in governance to account for the unaccounted.

  8. art, which is the greatest way to suspend one’s self in an other’s text and thereby combine politics with aesthetics, has become undemocratically linked to the wealthy.

In regards to the aforementioned issues, egalitarian democrat seeks the following resolutions:

  1. develop a political imagination whereby egalitarian democracy becomes possible.

  2. engage electoral politics.

  3. help empower democratic movements regardless of party to end the monopolization of politics by the two-party system.

  4. end gerrymandering by giving a non-partisan group redistricting authority to ensure everyone’s vote counts.

  5. eliminate the U.S. Electoral College and allow a direct election by popular vote of the President and Vice President of the United States.

  6. limit corporate and individual campaign contributions to political campaigns and ballot initiatives to reduce the undue influence of the wealthy in politics.

  7. implement a more progressive income tax rate in order for the wealthy to pay their fair share.

  8. levy a carbon tax to help protect the environment.

  9. allow public financing of elections to increase election transparency and accountability.

  10. make primaries for elections open to allow citizens regardless of party to participate in the election of candidates for public offices.

  11. eliminate super-delegates and allow a direct election by popular vote in primaries the party candidates for public office.

  12. increase state and federal funding for the arts and allow states and the federal government to fund artists.

  13. increase state and federal funding for public K - 16 education.

  14. prohibit commercial banks from engaging in the investment business.

  15. allow a fair way for undocumented immigrants to become citizens.

  16. mandate public debates in public elections organized by an independent, public commission.

  17. increase minimum wage to a living wage of a minimum of $15 tied to inflation.

  18. end the war on terror.

  19. end the war on drugs.

  20. end mass incarceration.

  21. support fair trade policies and not free trade policies.

1 the valorization of things according to money.



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