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  equality + democracy = turning a new leaf  

28 January 2017

Politics as defined by the two major parties in the United States have resulted in staggering inequality, war and disenfranchisement.   Moreover, climate change from carbon emissions threatens to make the planet uninhabitable for generations.  egalitarian democrat is a means to face the challenges of today and reimagine a better future by directly engaging both electoral politics and the political imaginary with the intent of supporting egalitarian democracy.

egalitarian democrat is an independent organization for the purpose of supporting egalitarian democracy.   Egalitarian democracy is a form of people rule where everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities.   In egalitarian democracy, the government is not the same as the people, but exists for the people.  egalitarian democrat has two main functions: 1) engage electoral politics and 2) develop a political imaginary whereby egalitarian democracy becomes possible.

Egalitarian issues appear largely absent from states and political parties at a time when increasingly vast scales of inequality have made the combined wealth of the world’s wealthiest eight people equal to the combined wealth of the poorest half of the world’s population1 and given rise to ethno-nationalist movements in much of the West.  Institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) and World Bank, established by the Bretton Woods Conference (1944), that defined much of the world order following WWII appear in favor of the current inequality as austerity follows financial crisis to financial crisis.  In addition, corporations such as Chase Bank, which owns $2.6 trillion in assets as of 2014, play an increasing role in governing.  The vast inequalities in wealth across the world seem to continue to grow and give rise to fascist movements unless egalitarianism and democracy become staples in political discourse.  egalitarian democrat is meant to help advance the politics and aesthetics of a more equal and democratic society.

In engaging electoral politics, egalitarian democrat seeks to change political parties, support candidates and discuss issues related and critical to egalitarian democracy with the existing and potential electorate.  Engaging in electoral politics is not an endorsement of a state holding elections and nor is it an endorsement of the individuals seeking offices.  Instead, engaging in electoral politics is a way of working to help change the state towards egalitarian democracy by exercising democratic rights and voting for a system of beliefs held by officers.  Participating in elections is necessary to change the political parties to ensure egalitarian democracy is on the agenda.  egalitarian democrat will engage the state, political parties and candidates to further egalitarian democracy.

In developing a political imaginary where egalitarian democracy becomes possible, egalitarian democrat will re-imagine aesthetics and politics.  egalitarian democrat will publish a journal that features articles and artist projects that critically discuss and re-imagine politics and aesthetics in support of egalitarian democracy.  egalitarian democrat will also review events and subjects related to egalitarian democracy.

egalitarian democrat is an organization founded in Detroit, Michigan by stephen garrett dewyer, who is a citizen and interested in possibly running for public office.  egalitarian democrat is looking for members and editors.  If you have an interest in possibly becoming a member or editor, please contact stephen at


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